cleaning and prevention

Cleaning & Prevention

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy over the course of a lifetime is best achieved with routine dental cleanings and consistent homecare. Our registered hygienists take the time to give you an expert cleaning and make sure you understand how to maintain proper oral hygiene at home.

In addition, our hygienists are trained to perform initial periodontal therapy. This first line of defense in preventing periodontal disease is essential to safeguarding your health. All hygienists are licensed to provide local anesthesia.



We provide Oraverse to reverse numbness at the end of your procedure at no additional cost.

All of our fillings are done using a white composite material that does not contain mercury. We use the best available technology and techniques to make sure you have a long lasting, comfortable, and esthetic result.

replacing missing teeth

Replacing Missing Teeth

There are many options for the replacement of missing teeth. These range from the innovative implant to the traditional bridge to removable dentures.

cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry improves the appearance and function of your teeth. Our services include whitening, veneers, and crowns.

Over-the-counter whitening kits are messy, take a lot of time, and deliver limited results. We provide several whitening options including custom take home trays, in-office systems, and prescription-strength prefabricated trays. Whitening isn’t appropriate for every patient, so we recommend an evaluation first to determine the best approach to brighten your smile.



Implant treatment consists of placing artificial roots within the jawbone and then using these artificial roots to replace teeth. Implants do not depend upon adjacent teeth for support. They are used to replace single or multiple teeth, or as anchors for dentures. Implants are now considered the best way to replace a lost tooth.

traditional bridges

Traditional Bridges

For decades, bridges have been the best way to restore missing teeth and are still used if implants are not feasible. Bridges consist of placing a crown on the anchor teeth in front of and behind the missing tooth. The replacement tooth is permanently joined to these crowns in the laboratory. Bridges are not removable and function like real teeth.

partial and complete dentures

Partial & Complete Dentures

If you are missing some or all of your teeth, one of the simplest solutions is to have teeth that are removable. We build dentures using a special plastic that eliminates the need for metal. This allows us to help you get natural-looking and functional teeth.



We will recommend a crown if your tooth is significantly broken or has too much decay for a traditional composite filling. A crown completely covers the tooth with a very strong material that will resist breakage for many years.

Fluoride and Minimally-invasive Treatments

Fluoride & Minimally-invasive Treatments

Preventative services offered include minimally-invasive treatments such as Minimal Intervention (MI) Paste, an effective, non-surgical treatment for a number of dental symptoms, and Silver Diamine Fluoride, an ideal treatment for active dental caries (cavities) in pediatric and special-needs patients.

Night Guards & Sports Guards

Prevention is the key to protecting your teeth. We fabricate custom night guards to protect your dentition from breakage, wear, and trauma. Over-the-counter night guards are a soft plastic, which tends to increase muscle activity and grinding. We fabricate hard acrylic guards so you have the best chance of protecting what nature gave you.

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